Welcome To Loreto Boutique Hotel Cusco, Peru

The place that hosted one of the most important buildings in the city of Cusco, built over 600 years ago during the.

Inca Empire, it’s now home to Loreto Boutique a cozy lodge surrounded by impressive Inca walls that belong to what formerly was the House of the Virgins of the Sun.

Recognized since 1990 by Lonely Planet, our now renovated Loreto Boutique Hotel offers the possibility to enjoy the city of Cusco hotels since your arrival to the airport.

A few meters from the main square of hotels, Loreto Boutique Hotel offers comfort and warmth in each one of its spaces. Its rooms have been remodeled to 100% and you can be sure that you will receive a friendly service and quality at all times.

Loreto Boutique Hotel offers an exquisite combination of culture and modernity that will delight you during your stay in the imperial city. Come and enjoy our services.